Donaris Fest 2012 (Giurgiu city, south-Romania).

Social and cultural event which aimed for increasing interest in urban arts and culture of the youngsters, gathering artists across Danube & Europe with the main purpose of making an active international community, keen on creation and swarming with ideas. The quest of Donaris Fest it was for creating an multicultural experience, a creative and civic environment. Two days of live concerts, innovative ideas, workshops, exhibition, animated projections, represented an extraordinary opportunity to interact with the artists and a chance to find out about the insides of young european contemporany cultures.

The event was produced from the interactions between Francisc Manolescu, Grig Vulpe, Pact for Community Fundation, Balkans, let’s Get up  and different kind of local and transnational actors (artists, activists, youngsters, voluntaries, students etc).

Artists (music, visual & crafts):

Suie Paparude, Riddim Colony, Pacha Man, Roots Rocket, Mr. Levy, Lady Raizah, Revolution, Mitaka, Filther, Cosminuit & Markus Fade, George Krunkid (Burgas, BG), Lyubomir Grigorov (Plovdiv, BG), Beta Kuku (Sofia, BG), Tzvetan Uzunov (Plovdiv, BG), Miglena Petrova (Ruse, BG), Maria Ivanova Vasileva (Ruse, BG), Ina Valentinova (Ruse, BG), Flu-FLU (Craiova, RO), Dablef (Bucuresti, RO), Alice Zigman (Brasov, RO), Florin Limbovici (Slackline), (Wood photography) (Tattoo), Pierce Yourself (Piercing), LaLU & GER (handmade), Martin & Baltas (Juggling).

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